Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Subjunctive rearticulation project

obvious to the rain that fell, pure and wet, whose petals devolve into wounded words, out of each mouth comes self-maintaining furniture, velcroed and tarnished. Linking future failure to clash of wills, divided bodies and eavesdropping conspiracies to overdetermined dream text slavery, or slavery dream text messaging, massaging economic slavery, or importation of personal effects denied, due to contrary mythological magic acts, practice parties asking, I hope you see it is for our own nationalistic interest to hold hostages, asking for 100, 001 jumping hop responses. O how wonderful to push the mind when the body is a voice-over something simulation in a brown and yellow atmosphere. O, darkness, O coin deposit checkmate, summarized complaint of united shifting incorporated territorial waters, protected by crudely visible states-within-states, monstrously navigating through skeletal remains, standing, shaking, hungry proxies of human scenarios, asking for nothing, but a ride home and a blessing.


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