Saturday, January 07, 2006

Subjunctive rearticulation project

What would happen if we heard each other while climbing, heard the truth in each word, standing in unity, in a state of equanimity? What would we fear standing along with incorrect prepositional phrases, if we did not fear each others perfect imperfections, while we climbed, bound by bone, fasten to flesh? Would we need nationalistic borders, entry committee quotas, bleeding silver fish infested dictionaries? Would we need to pretend we are the most enlighten locomotion, all the while scheming economic survival, if we held each others love while climbing? If we are doing the doing, can the flame that can, consume us, a drift in motion, if we only talk while we fall? And can the faithful fable driven by passion to be a fable, be more then a fable? Can the over wrought abstraction, help us dust off death while we all burn?


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