Thursday, January 05, 2006

subjunctive rearticulation project

trinity has been illuminated, the water poisoned, time table spies are at each corner and there is trouble in paradise; wisdom quits, shut out again, and again. We have reductio ad absurdum, repeating violent paradoxes by stunning thought’s antithesis, forgetting it is the passage, not accumulation. Repeating how can one, within a context, flesh-out wild speculation, before and after the beginning, now, forever and beyond time, that which can never be described. Each with its own effect, that effects the effect, an undefined rhythmic whole, predetermined without an original inherit end and or beginning, sending something mind longing for euphoric squalor or useless unsafe post card perfection. Waiting for whatever, claiming it's in the mind, it’s all mind, nothing but mind, claiming mind claiming something fluid; geography bodies, surface probabilities, accumulation procedures, sugary denotations, fenced voices that dwindle without broadcast, useful mountains of neatly stacked lumber, lollipop paws on the counter of everything. Development and progress of the world regulated according to some measured, sounds good divisible by a sentence, exchanged for points in space, worked out in advance, is a result of . . . that is in relation to . . . whose war is . . . whose lite heaven receives the most sponsorship in anticipation of g-d’s limited engagement, for those believing in air conditioned patterned polyester, plastic wrapped rubble by the second, burying the dead and tirelessly speeding away.


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