Monday, January 16, 2006

Subjunctive rearticulation project

Thoughts of starting over plug-in, walking on water runs another rebuilding separate somewhere zip code . . . doors close on delight’s given moments in any given field, at any given time. Granted, perfect relates to imperfect semi-bodies fixated sum total, helpless limitations, standing sheer on darkness ridge, stirred by prayer and hope’s hopelessness layer on the newly born, miles from old heron labs with no problem, only mind, no water shortage, only mind. A race to nowhere, suggesting, you will die doing going nowhere, with nowhere to go . . . looking, longing for specific organic instances of another empirical ideological subject to emerge, for a strong hard currency march to heaven’s anesthetized reality, chanting counterhegemonic mantras, “we are the state desires.” A bit of space, the buzzing returns, swarms of workers not realizing the collective power in words continue to build heaven’s empirical zip codes.


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