Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Subjunctive rearticulation project

please no more answer thing pleasure in the billion word nothingness life universal proposition in a prayer thing, sitting in nothing, doing nothing all day long, hoping for the big stuff baby to land right on your door step unannounced.

no more over greatness with an ever over greater over greater apparatus thing in a box stuff game, getting bigger than big every single day reflecting the flicker mind, on and off every second second

please, please, please try to remember to refuse the surface response memory of the all-in-all thing codes of a dog cow grazing thing in the midday sun shinning off the nonattachment grass blowin’ in the wind, happens only once in a life time, only to become a memory photo, essay on this side of poem, in the hall of everything becoming tomorrow ‘s dust in the mouth from the car that just passed you, going faster than fast going nowhere

so let us stop, just for one moment and listen to the sharp triangulation in unheard still winds remembering the earths primordial cry, orbiting the next day’s dream eruption, reflecting light time, water time, and the first day landing on land time, going so slow, breathing so hard, passing quickly to genocide epistemology time held in a collective paragraph, marking other’s other parentheses of other’s forgetting everyone's hand is on the machete, never mentioning the now mentioned, untouchable, blood letting, just to prove it can be done again and again.

and again in the usual word place, can we please, please, watch the thing or whatever name you call it thing that slowly breaks the finger, moves along the body, recording codes, repeating to someone for some kind of salvation, there is no other question, other than the one hundred billion billion billion continuous conditions bemoaning the heart, lung, body, held together in the morning quarrel, cool misty pasture, living dying, trying to find the pleasure in everything in the moment, right there laying on the street staring up to the sky, waiting for someone, anyone to pause for one moment more than the usual not enough right now, thank you for putting your starvation hand in my face, but I have way too much to do to pay attention to anything right now, thank you.


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