Sunday, February 12, 2006

Subjunctive rearticulation project

A company builds a rice mill, builds a road, begins tax imprisonment programs to increase surplus limits, everything is contaminated, the frontier is closed till further notice. An extraordinary order is framed around evolution and around progress. Both are led by limitless desire, both have different word functions. God leads one to the final solution, the other imprisoned in matter by god. The other, inconsistent and blind, tries to find a new term for an old habit the other lives in old habits and built on new terms for old patterns. Both form names for norms of a different shaky defined righteous surrender to a better tomorrow, a finer future for a new world order, united on all fronts, stomping out disapproved undesirables. All in the name of bigger better theaters, malls, and welcome center namesake production quotas, full time employment by definition, all under a cover of quilted protection, meaning blood, meaning drunk on the street pleading for a lucky lottery of any kind.


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