Friday, March 24, 2006

from: Bharat Jiva

who will finally complete themselves
to not exist
to see the unseen of the unsaid
in the book of nothingness
that began before birth

who will everything everyone
happening in the blood and urine

whose content is not reiterable

who will be the first to quit talking
in an intimate unfolding

who can contain enough
w/out augments of brick and motor
w/out supplement of names and numbers

who under terror of gasoline
will meet
the leopard and attack the trainer

who will only desire
with the rains
dripping rhythm
demanding a moment
of your time

here where life congeals
beneath tremors
myself and that moment

in the incomprehensible

falling into
a still everything
across from
events as they happen

by happening
coming across
neither earlier or later
as they happen

in a deep pull and release
broken variation
of dust

neither anticipation
or expectation

remaining in the
weight of history

and just out of its control


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