Monday, July 24, 2006

Road Movie Soundtrack, With Insertions by Taylor Brady,

Call it out of line. 

Back that unit down 

and out of range. Pure domain

opens up pure domination.

"Am I trying to hurt you, captain?" 

The stick held in the belly, point

blank urge self-managing. That, 

plus hours of all the saddest songs.

       Fire. Hungry women. 

       Lovely children. More 

       than any other town

                                     more elbows turning in

                                     the air around her tuning 

                                     in tangible static all 

                                     about him inspires you

                                     the audience with wild 

                                     traffic what's that sound

                                     that's or what's escape as 

                                     it whirls away or as it

                                     surges back into your view more

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