Thursday, January 19, 2006

subjunctive rearticulation project

tell me how connected bodies blinded by remote thresholds of blindness, swim in glacial river zones? How a heart like a heart, like lips, like an ocean, how drudgery of reentry combinesLas Vegas and the Nevada Test Site? How we can be so conscious of delight and corrective ideology at the same time, acting out clear cutting interventionist practices in public delirium, where the value word enough, is never enough to see through alter egos tall enough to blind, while mercantile dreams continue to dance laughing vignettes on our sleeping remains? Tell me how to speak to holiday campers who colonize a colonized land without being caught at the base of my throat? How do we continues to live this imperfect capacity of sympathy at war with the collective body, desperate for an equation glimmering in nationalist bric-a-brac singing simple text books long one way exit signs.


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