Tuesday, July 25, 2006

in battery powered reassessing low light, recasting everything

the setting, repeat on repeat, living a bitter memorial hired third person impulse, gold plated magic only image can blame, grooming another succubus in someone's' pocket

put on random, in the dark with out complaints, past embalmed emotions, past curious black scorpion cross overs, a hijara jiva holiday by the sea, an invitation for family initiation, only sisters can, part fetish, part love

stop, play, repeat reassess

bigger brighter bone crust of our departure, grieving molten flesh, an island creating land, cloned multiples for free swing opportunity connecting database necessity

put on repeat, barbwire synchronized speaking on preheat for another even no place forever reversed, played backward, here persistent speaking impulses ready for the masters return, with only fragments of power held by an invisible mirror

abandon on both sides, always seeking, always on repeat, to restrain the legible surface in short impressive sound bites


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