Thursday, January 19, 2006

Subjunctive rearticulation project

let me say
like the subject I am
one prayer
one collective chant
from a remote nowhere
ten thousand wishes
a billion dreams
six billion longings
24 /7
may or may not
not account for nothing
or something
may or not
be able to stop this
multiple screen
divisive whatever
whenever whoever
who is now
dying, bleeding
hungry, beaten
threatened, forgotten
bought and sold
I can not comprehend
do I have the will?
crumbling under
the world blank
national greed water wars
GMO's hold a positive and negative charge
standing in water
electrodes to genitals
does it hurt yet?
what is your position
or possession(s)
or what part is part
rank on rank
ditches dark dung filled
passionless living breathing
mostly out of breath
legions, waiting to die
filling up and wanting more
and more and more
a double patty
quarter pounder
washed in blood
something website
treaty this or that
producing tremors
leading to derangement
if my lips where hungry organs
cool dark remembrance of the sixth extinction
could recall them all
all the psychic entities
disappeared due to
this and that
this is the international version
this is the UK / USA version
this is an intervention
a realm of necessity
a dark procession of the dead
winding across the water
all pleasures and pains
remembering all past pleasures and pain
brought to you by
a remembrance gone
obliterated left littering the street
chanting in an orgy of prayer
echoing still


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