Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Notes on power


A third way is to get people to feel that the work is part of their very own identity, that they are contributing to something they believe in or some group that they belong to. but how?

1. One way is indoctrination into an organization and full commitment to that organization. Some people have thought of Microsoft and Walmart as two organizations that make good use of indoctrination tactics. (Drinking the koolaid was an expression, early on, used in the Tech community to refer to either Apple of Microsoft.)

2. Language of very nearly religious indoctrination seems odd outside religion proper, but is it really?

a. No, b/c the higher status professions use very highly ritualized organizations in order to indoctrinate their practitioners into being the best lawyers, doctors, professors, accountants, dentists, etc. possible through identification and solidarity with others in their profession.

b. Lengthy rites of passage known as professional school/grad school –lots of ritual activities like conferences, meetings, journal readings, article writing, attendance at lectures, debating. –as such, these professions have very little external control over their behaviormore....

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